Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder of Smartbridge | Simplifying Business Transformation for the Enterprise
I am a firm believer of “bridging” all the necessary components to achieve a successful business transformation – strategy, people, process and technology. Which is why, in 2003, I capitalized on my 8 years of experience as a principal consultant at Arthur Andersen to create Smartbridge. At its core, Smartbridge simplifies business challenges with our methodologies and intellectual capital, which is why we remain the trusted partner of choice to our very first clients. I take personal joy in some of Smartbridge’s most meaningful accomplishments: - Transforming national and global enterprises every year, with specialties in restaurants, oil & gas, facility services, manufacturing and construction. - Building solution accelerators that have expedited the digital transformation for many of those organizations. - Propelling supply chain, operations and IT functions forward, by integrating disparate systems and creating a single source of truth. - A workforce that still includes most of Smartbridge’s first employees. - Our partnership with Business Laboratory (a data science leader) that has completed the circle of Smartbridge solutions. The world of business is now a rapidly changing place, filled with automation, artificial intelligence, connected systems, predictive modeling and so much more. I constantly challenge myself to keep up with the demand of the next generation enterprise, and I’m excited about where it’s headed. I love to engage with other leaders who are passionate about the same. Get to know more about my team and me at Smartbridge.com. I take on a very hands-on approach as CEO at Smartbridge. So if you are an enterprise business leader that needs a sounding board for your operational challenges, call me. 713-360-2500 / praju@smartbridge.com.

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