Denise Grills

Vice President JD Edwards
Oracle-JD Edwards

Denise Grills is Vice President of Content and Communications Engineering with Oracle JD Edwards product development.  Grills reports to the Senior Vice President of the development unit and is responsible for all product documentation, communications and marketing content for the JD Edwards Business Line.  She has 21 years of experience in product strategy, product management, sales operations and marketing with Oracle application products. 


Denise is also a speaker, mentor and thought-leader for women in technology.  Building strong leaders is her passion.  Denise consults with senior management on strategies to retain and attract women to key corporate roles, growing leadership skills to create a culture of self-confidence, and mentors leaders who want to expand their professional presence.  She regularly provides training, coaching and networking for individual career and academic advancement.


Grills holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Montana and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.  She serves on the University of Montana Alumni Association Board of Directors and is a coach and advisor to the University of Montana Women’s Leadership Initiative.  She volunteers with organizations to promote young people and women including the Colorado Women’s Foundation and Colorado Uplift.


Previous to JD Edwards, Grills was employed by IBM in product development and sales.  She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and has two grown daughters employed by high tech companies in the San Francisco area. 

Specialties: Software Marketing, Sales Operations, Product Marketing, Documentation and Content Management, Reference Programs in the ERP space.