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Tired of job failure morning surprises? Sacrificing sleep to manage jobs? Had enough user complaints? Wish you could receive email attachments or be notified of job failures?


Smart Scheduler, a 3x Oracle Validated Integration scheduling tool, was developed in 2010 to help eliminate your JDE batch job challenges and completely automate batch job execution. Smart Scheduler gives IT Business Analysts and End Users the ability to monitor & automate jobs, improve user experience, create complex streams - & much more - all within the JDE tool set.


Smart Scheduler has a constantly expanding roadmap and a rich feature set that includes Stream Management, Dependency Management, Load Balancing, Time Zone Support, Detailed Recurrence Setup, Smart Notifications, Email Attachments, Event-Based Scheduling, 3rd Party Job Support and much more.


Available add-ons include User-Submitted Jobs and Smart Build Package Automation.


See a live demo during our educational session on Tuesday, April 9, visit our booth in the Exhibitor Showcase, or view the on-demand demo replay. You can also visit for more details on all Circular Edge educational sessions, Sleep Better with Casper Glow and Smart Scheduler giveaway, VIP Customer Appreciation Dinner Party and other Collaborate activities.

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