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Company Overview

They said it couldn't be done. They said 'you can't use an Oracle Database to manage, manipulate or serve unstructured data'. They said it's to expensive, to inefficient and difficult to do. They are wrong!!!

What was accepted dogma 15 years ago no longer applies. AsterionDB has invented and patented the technology that enables streaming of media (blob) objects directly from the Oracle Database. You can now generate a weblink that will stream HD video, images, audio, PDFs and more directly from the Oracle database.

AsterionDB eliminates those undesirable and troublesome silos of information by allowing structured and unstructured data to reside within the same 'container' - the tried, trusted and true Oracle Database!

Furthermore, our revolutionary AsterionDB Database Vault turns the Oracle Database into a virtual filesystem. You can now store any type of file directly in the Oracle Database. Our patent pending DbObscura File System Gateway technology gives you direct file-level access to your 'files' that are now stored securely in the database.

By storing your files in the database you can now build environments that are an evolutionary leap in terms of cyber security. Here's a simple example: if all of your PDFs are now stored in the database, when ransom-ware gets on your system it can't find any PDFs to infect. We stop the propagation of viruses and malware while at the same time removing the road map used by cyber security thieves. The AsterionDB Database Vault is an evolutionary leap and paradigm change that by the very nature of its architecture is immune and resilient against most cyber security attacks.

Come see the future right here and now in booth 938 at Collaborate18 !!!

P.S. Gain insight into what makes this technology fly by attending our founder Steve Guilford's presentation 'Make the Database Smarter?' on Tuesday, April 24th at 9:45 AM - Jasmine Room E.