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"The most important rule with respect to data is to never put yourself into an unrecoverable




The importance of this guideline cannot be stressed enough, that's why without any doubt

Backup & Recovery are the most essential skills you need to have to become a successful

DBA, also this is an essential knowledge to have if you are seeking any Oracle certification

like OCA,OCP or OCM. Learn about backups to the cloud, SQL*Developer backup and recovery

capabilities, and much more.


Furthermore, I have developed a free toll called CrashSimulator that simulates close to 50

Different disaster scenarios allow you to test your firefighter skill and ensure to be prepared

to protect your company business continuity and availability. All you will learn here would be

useful for on-premises and Cloud environment.

Objective 1: Learn about Oracle Backup Cloud Services deep dive

Objective 2: Learn about SQL*Developer and it Backup and Recovery Capabilities

Objective 3: Learn about CrashSimulator

Audience: Introductory