Session ID: 397


With ongoing demand for scalability, non-disturbed backups for the databases, Reporting needs, A customer can take advantage of the MySQL  Replication using Master-Slave.  Replication can be setup either Synchronous or Asynchronous depending upon the nature of the data that needs to be replicated.

 By understanding the logic of Replication that are available in MySQL, user will be able to setup Master-slave servers. Replicated servers can be used for backup purpose, reporting purpose and for DR purpose.

 This session will cover the Basics of Replication using Master-Slave in MySQL servers.


Objective 1: Learner will be able to understand the basics of Replication feature in MySQL

Objective 2: Learner will be able to setup Master-Slave servers.

Objective 3: Learner will be able to support DR or reporting servers after understanding the replication setups.

Audience: Introductory