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As prices for flash storage arrays begin to drop we expect to see a shift away from storage arrays based on spinning disk drives, especially when the effects of deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and lower power requirements are factored in to enterprise cost calculations.  Some arrays already on the market have an effective capacity greater than 1 petabyte in just 3-4U, enabling customers to store more data in less floor space which along with the drop in power consumption helps optimize the value of data center space.


This session will focus on the metrics and tools we used to evaluate flash array offerings from multiple storage vendors to find the right storage for our workloads.  We'll review swingbench and SLOB and see how measuring IOPS, throughput and latency, as well as factoring in complexity and longevity, helped us come to an optimal decision.

Objective 1: How to evaluate/benchmark any hardware/storage for Oracle databases.

Objective 2: Identify the benefits of All Flash Array.

Objective 3: Choose the right storage for database workload.

Audience: Mid-Level