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Oracle's Fusion Middleware SOA suite is one of the most useful yet underutilized set of tools available to developers.

To offer better services, businesses are forced to grow in complexity. As a result, integration with heterogeneous data sources and cloud services becomes necessary.  The downside of this trend is that businesses loose ability to effectively track and analyse business transactions and data-transformations.  

Do you have detailed logs and reports showing how company shares and exchanges data? A simple and elegant solution to this analytics problem is already in place. Oracle's Fusion Middleware SOA suite offers a solution; it is a generalized integration suite capable of interaction with heterogeneous sources and services. Supplemented with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) suite, business interactions, data transformations and transaction states are mapped and analyzed in real-time. Business Intelligence and accurate information sharing becomes a breeze.

At the Royal College, we leverage SOA suite to create a single centralized analytics repository across various applications, including WebCenter applications, cloud service providers and mobile apps. In the overall solution we expose BPEL processes as a Web Services for receiving sensor inputs, manipulate and transform data and to update the centralized BAM repository. BAM Dashboard tracks data transactions and transformations, monitors data states, issues alerts and displays graphical charts in real-time.

Objective 1: Business owners will be able to:
1. Identify key business processes requiring more transparency.
2. Prepare business-case to demonstrate value from exposing these processes to analytics.
3. Define role based access to the new data

Objective 2: Analysts will be able to:
4. Define key data-descriptors enabling clients to track important data changes in processes.
5. Design data flows, add sensors for track data states
6. Prepare reports showing real-time data transformations

Objective 3: Developers will be able to:
7. Design, build storage and web services to collect sensory-data
8. Construct, deploy solution into Oracle's Fusion Middleware infrastructure
9. Create BAM dashboards for the new data repository

Audience: Introductory