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It's now easier than ever to host many test environments comprised of a multitude of platforms and database versions using virtualization. On anything: even your laptop or a consumer grade NAS. VMs and Containers are both good options.

DBAs and Developers can still manually build VMs using VirtualBox but Vagrant makes the process much easier and faster.

So whether you're a DBA needing to test your tools and scripts against a variety of platforms and versions or a Developer requiring various test environments, if you like VirtualBox then it's worth spending a few hours to learn how Vagrant can add functionality to, and simplify your workflow.

This presentation will cover:

  • Getting started with Vagrant and VMs including operational tips and tricks.
  • Differences with Vagrant provisioned VMs and manually created ones.
  • What prepared "boxes" are available from Oracle and other sources.
  • Understanding and using the Oracle supplied "vagrant-boxes" repository.
  • How to create your own custom boxes.
  • Cloud migration options - how to move your VMs into the Oracle Cloud.

Objective 1: 1. Understand exactly what Vagrant is and how it applies to Oracle DBA activities.

Objective 2: 2. Learn about what Vagrant boxes Oracle provides, how they can be used, and how they can be customized to meet the Oracle DBA's site specific needs.

Audience: In-Depth