Session ID: 445


Understanding database security is critical for every DBA and beginning DBAs may not have all the necessary knowledge or resources to properly secure their databases.  This session will introduce DBAs to the basics of database security and how to secure their databases by highlighting key database risks and providing resources useful in database hardening. Starting with a discussion of common database security risks and attack vectors, learn why and how your databases are under attack by both insiders and outsiders and the processes, tools, and techniques frequently used to compromise Oracle Databases. Key database features and processes impacting security including authentication, authorization, privileges, auditing, networking, security patches, and encryption will be explained highlighting both benefits and limitations of these features. The goal of this session is to show you database security in a different light in order for you to understand the most effective approach to securing your databases and highlight limitations and issues you may encounter.

Objective 1: Discuss the threat against Oracle Databases and value of the data contained in the database.

Objective 2: Learn about security solutions and tools included with the database.

Objective 3: Describe solutions to solve key database security risks and issues.

Audience: Introductory