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We have all been there, an application is experiencing a performance degradation and the DBA has to figure out the culprit and fix it. When the problem is complex, and a single explain plan not up to the task, new tools are needed. Oracle provides the tools, and with knowledge and insight the DBA can apply them (to win accolades from application developers!) In this session we will discuss what the DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package is and its usage in a real-life scenario.

Objective 1: Gathering problem information

Being told "My session is hung" is only the start of the analysis. Further details from the Oracle dynamic performance views (V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY, etc.) are used to identify the immediate cause of th

Objective 2: How to use DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO to gain insight

Successful analysis requires data and careful use of DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO provides that data in the ASH views.. The audience will learn to use DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package to instrument a PL/SQ

Objective 3: Gather and analyze performance data

Information about the specific views, queries, and reports (AWR and ASH) will be provided that allow a more detailed analysis when coupled with smart use of the DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package.

Audience: Mid-Level