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EC2 or RDS?  RAC or Single Instance?  What Instance Size and what Storage Tier?  Deploying an Oracle Database on AWS can lead to a confusing quagmire of questions for the DBA new to Amazon Web Services public cloud.   

During this presentation, we will discuss the specific architectural limitations and opportunities unique to running an Oracle Database in AWS, with a particular focus on architectural choices that will impact scalability, maintainability, high availability, and performance.  We will share our experiences working with clients to migrate their Oracle workloads to the cloud.  Examples of successful use case architectures in the AWS public cloud will be explored ranging from the smallest low-cost RDS workloads to the largest RAC on EC2 installations.  

You'll leave with a better understanding of the decisions a DBA has to make when architecting an Oracle Database workloads in the AWS cloiud and a list of questions you should be asking when considering moving your Oracle applications and databases to the AWS cloud. and a checklist of frequent "gotchas" to avoid.

Objective 1: Understand the options available for architecting Oracle Database workloads in the AWS cloud.

Objective 2: Avoid common pitfalls for DBAs new to AWS.

Audience: Mid-Level