Growing in the Community

3:15 PM–4:15 PM Apr 8, 2019

CC 2ND FL 210B


Session ID: 551



Learn about the many benefits of getting involved in the Oracle community. There is something for everyone, forums to ask your questions, or the opportunity to share your knowledge. Get more involved and there are programs to help you grow your community participation. In this session active members will share how being engaged has helped their jobs with technical support, in their careers with mentoring and networking, and personally. Also hear from some of the women in the program about how they draw support from and in turn support other members. There is something for everyone, how can you benefit from the knowledge shared or start your journey to being an active contributor, which could help you to achieve being part of the ACE program which recognises that contribution.


Objective 1: Encourage participation

Objective 2: Expel the myth that it is only for experts

Objective 3: show the value to the individual's career

Audience: Introductory