Session ID: 470


Historical trends of the last decade lead to a paradox:

  • In search of optimization, our solutions represent a group of independent modules communicating via various APIs (up to an extreme point of micro-services!)
  • The overall number of performance problems increased significantly (comparing to the past, i.e. monolithic implementations). In addition, time to solve any performance problem multiplied by the factor of 10 because about 90% of it is consumed by finger-pointing and non-stop conference calls between all involved parties.


As usual, to resolve any performance tuning issue, everything has to start from the ground up: instrumentation, monitoring, error handling and so on. And eventually everything ends with some pretty simple changes. However, finding WHAT to change is THE million dollar question (quite literally!).


This presentation explains how you can survive in the world of APIs using a real application example where an Oracle-based system is constantly in-touch with NoSQL JSON-based system. The audience will see a number of production use-cases that have been resolved by our team of developers.


Objective 1: Attendees will learn how to design API-based solutions within PL/SQL

Objective 2: This presentation will include a number of real-world performance tuning problems and demonstrate their resolutions.

Objective 3: This presentation will discuss overall database-centric "thick database" best practices.

Audience: Mid-Level