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I would like to present the topic of Application Continuity upon database failure for five nines adherence: The ability for application information to queu in oracle and replay upon database work resumption with the usage of datagard switchover or fast failover with reinstatement occuring of the old primary afterwards with manual intervention using flashback or datagard broker using flashback on RAC.

The Oracle 12c Database comes with the ability to set services to have transaction replay  as well as existin in conjunction with java applications such as in web logic where various options can be set to allow the replay to occur efficiently and within time limits.

Objective 1: DBA/Developers can reduce or eliminate business loss to the time it takes to switch over to the standby and set the expectations of the business that outages can be reduced to delays of 30 seconds or less. This is important for 5 nine adherence.

Objective 2: Provide a procedure for DBA and Developers for application continuity.

Audience: In-Depth