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When databases get ever larger and larger, backing them up using traditional RMAN backupsets will quickly get unfeasible. Completing a backup requires too much time and resources, but more importantly the same also applies to restores. RMAN has always provided a solution as incrementally updated image copies, but they are much less manageable than backupsets. This presentation goes into detail on how to successfully implement incremental-forever database backup strategy together with a capable storage system like Netapp or ZFS Storage Appliance, and on how to build more advanced features on top that platform, like automation and cloning.

Objective 1: Attendees will gain knowledge on how to maximise their investment on Netapp/Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance or other capable storage system by utilising its features for backing up and restoring multi-terabyte databases.

Objective 2: Presentation gives detailed overview how incremental-forever backup strategy can be implemented.

Objective 3: Presentation explores also how to build more modern database features, like database virtualisation on top of the presented backup method.

Audience: Mid-Level