Session ID: 228


Enterprises are moving varied type of data into datalake, largely in the cloud & with this data complexity increases exponentially. In this session, you will learn how data analysis on can be, enabling their users to experience instant query response across vast and varied data in their data lake. Applications like Oracle Analytics Cloud,Oracle BI EE, Tableau, Qlik and custom executive dashboards all connect to Sparklinedata(Data lake Analytics engine) and consume data in seconds. See how to leverage Spark, Sparkline and in-memory modern OLAP cubes/indexes for data analytic at scale. 

Objective 1: #1 Understand the challenges of Interactive Analytics on Data lakes

Objective 2: #2 Understand how SparklineData technology helps solve Query performance on Data Lake

Objective 3: #3 understand the power of Spark and open source in building and solving Data Lake Analytics performance challenges.

Audience: Mid-Level