Session ID: 291


Are you using JET charts in Application Express (APEX) yet? Why not? Oracle JET charts are the new APEX charting engine, are in Interactive Grids and Interactive Reports.  This session covers the essentials for becoming comfortable with, even fluent in, the use Oracle JET charts in APEX.

Charts add pizazz and impact, and APEX JET charts make it easy. We will introduce JET charts, describe key features and chart types, demonstrate how to build and how to upgrade from earlier APEX versions. We will detail query syntax and chart attributes for common chart types and provide tips on when to use which type for the best visualization impact.   

Whether you use APEX for standalone applications, to extend on-prem or Cloud applications, the same charting features apply. Start using them! Data visualization is "in" – so attend and become comfortable with adopting JET charts now.



Objective 1: Identify which Oracle JET Charts are available declaratively in APEX, and know how to build them.

Objective 2: Understand which chart types to employ for best visualization impact - which chart types best let the data tell the story.

Objective 3: Understand the new JET Chart features available to end users in Interactive Grids and Reports, and how maximize end user effectiveness at using these charts.

Audience: Mid-Level