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Wikipedia defines infrastructure as code as "the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools." This principle greatly simplifies setting up and managing large server parks, it also helps with repeatability and auditability in all environments.
In a traditional Oracle database world we are not yet used to thinking like this, possibly because we are so used to the fact that we scale up and not out.
As the number of said sever nodes is so small we can afford to give them cute names and we care about our databases and servers like our most beloved pets.  This in turn makes the server configurations unique, not traceable and dependent on specific (human) administrators who have a deep knowledge about all the moods the beloved pets can have.
In this presentation we will show you how we use Ansible to maintain our full Oracle ecosystem configurations, as version controlled code. So the beloved pets can join the cattle of the rest of the application infrastructure so we can truly move to the global scale cloud era. 

Objective 1: Learn how to use Ansible to manage large scale Oracle database installations

Objective 2: Learn how to use Ansible to manage Oracle database internal configurations

Objective 3: Learn how to move from simple automated setups to full Infrastructure-as-code management for Oracle database environments

Audience: Introductory