Session ID: 230


Machine learning gets a lot of attention, but behind the buzz and futuristic ideas, there's some very powerful technology you can use today. Whether you are a business leader or an IT expert, you can find out in this session what the fuss is all about. You'll learn about the different kinds of ML techniques, the kinds of problems they can help address, and some customer stories. The session will include just a little bit on Oracle's ML solution, but the main goal of this session is to give non-experts a layman's overview of what machine learning is and the uses it can be put to.

Note that I delivered this session last year (to a small but totally full room). It's a useful complement to the new deep learning 101 session that I submitted for this year, but not essential if you don't want to duplicate.

Objective 1: Attendee will have a layman's understanding of 6 different machine learning techniques and 3 different algorithms, how they work and what kinds of problems they can solve.

Objective 2: Attendee will have a basic understanding of machine learning and which business problems it can potentially solve.

Audience: Introductory