5 Tips for Effective Management

12:45 PM–1:45 PM Apr 9, 2019

CC 2ND FL 207A


Session ID: 435


Often, Managers find themselves promoted to their role with little to no management training. Managers are forced to "wing" their new job, hoping they'll grow into it over time with more experience. In order to have a successful team, Managers need to understand how to work with each individual to empower and assist them in their success. Based on research and years of technical team management, this session will cover the 5 best tips for effective management. The generation divide, individual conflicts and motivating factors, and other glorious topics will be revealed in war stories and fishbowl conversations through this fun session.

Objective 1: Session attendees will learn:
1. the difference between managers and leaders
2. traits of highly successful technical teams
3. common management challenges

Objective 2: Session attendees will also learn:
1. the top 5 tips for effective management (to be revealed in session)
2. from each other's war stories in fishbowl format

Audience: Introductory