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Have you ever been overwhelmed looking at an AWR report and not sure where to start?  I will show you the different types of AWR reports,  information that is contained within each section and how you can use it to tune and troubleshoot your database.  I will provide examples of how I've used the reports to focus on tuning the right area, use comparison reports for troubleshooting, pre and post application release and upgrade testing and comparisions of different hardware.  I will also demonstrate how I've used the data in the report for application trending and analysis.


Objective 1: 1. Understand the different types of AWR reports and be able to execute it
2. Focus tuning on the right problem area
3. Use the information in the report to help troubleshoot, tune and trend performance of your database.

Objective 2: To be able to understand what's in the AWR report and apply it to tuning and troubleshooting your database.

Audience: Mid-Level