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Some everyday DBA tasks like the below ones should be easy but they are not :

"Which instances (listeners ? services ?) are up (and on which node) across my GI implementation ? were they up in the same way before my node reboot ?"

"How used are my diskgroups ? How many % left on my diskgroups ? is req_mir_free_mb to be substracted from usable_file_mb to know the available size on my diskgroups ?"

"What patches are installed across my RAC/GI ? is there a patch missing in one of the ORACLE_HOME ? on which node ?"

etc . . .

This talk will be presenting some free scripts that make all these tasks (and more) easy !

Objective 1: - Identify some everyday situations not easy to deal with as Oracle provide no efficient tool to cope with

Objective 2: - Present, describe and demonstrate some free downloadable scripts to make these situations easy on a daily basis

Audience: Mid-Level