RMAN for the Novice DBA

9:15 AM–10:15 AM Apr 8, 2019

CC 2ND FL 210A


Session ID: 373


New DBA's hear stories from their experienced peers about databases being recovered from certain failure and the heroics involved, but what's the reason for those successes? One of the main tools, used by the savior DBA, is the Recovery Manager: RMAN. We're entrusted with our customer's data and the novice DBA has to know how to respond to database failures and recover from them. During this talk, the essentials of RMAN will be covered: concepts, setup, and usage scenarios. Afterward, with these resources in hand, attendees will have the preparation needed to start using RMAN.

Objective 1: 1. Understanding RMAN concepts and configuration
Types of backups and configuration, such as retention and backup storage. Scheduling of backups and their maintenance.

Objective 2: 2. Database recovery
Recovering the database is one part of what RMAN can do. Individual tablespaces and tables can be restored also. Flashback database is another tool fitting in here for undoing recent changes. Emphasis on the "killer featu

Objective 3: 3. RMAN and multi-tenant
Multi-tenant is fully supported by RMAN and allows the same types of recovery as for traditional databases. Awareness of shared vs. local undo is important, especially for point in time recovery.

Audience: Introductory