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Oracle multitenant is a key feature when we are consolidating databases. It offers a lot of benefits over pre -12c consolidation options. 12.2/18c PDB*** offers numerous options for cloud.In this session I will walk you through Oracle Multitenant for Cloud/on-premises.

I will  including: CDB/PDB Introduction, PDB - Explanation of Value (EOV), CDB/PDB Concepts, Shared / Exclusive components, and Accessing CDBs/PDBs. I will briefly discuss migration options to 12c/18c from previous versions then delve into the future with some of the 12c R2/18c features like PDB Relocate, Lockdown profiles, SGA/PGA for PDB, Memory I/O Resource prioritization, Snapshot Carousel, Dynamic Lockdown Profiles ,CDB Fleet Management and Application Containers

*** I will include 19c new features if permitted.



Objective 1: Attendees will learn multitenant basics and common use cases

Objective 2: Attendees will learn multitenant advanced topics

Objective 3: Multitenant case study

Audience: In-Depth