Session ID: 522


Do you want to understand how a large and complex organization like LA unified School District has successfully rolled out a comprehensive business intelligence application that is business oriented and producing results with data driven decisions!  LAUSD Enterprise Reporting uses OBIEE and Oracle technology components to drive both self service analytics and also published analytics to over 25000 users across the district. The teams has successfully used a business oriented approach, using business outcomes as the basis of prioritizing BI capabilities and measuring the success of all BI projects.  The School district has effectively integrated the analytics to be a part of the operations and not sidelined it as a nice to use tool. Analytics speak business language,  provide business contexts, collet inputs for continuous improvement and provide a platform for effective collaboration between business users and the IT team.  The session is a planned as an interactive one, with real-time demo, presented by a senior leader of the School District who has played a key role in planning and execution of the huge effort. 

Objective 1: Developed personalized and role-based dashboard visuals for interactions and user experience

Objective 2: Understand business values with a comprehensive BI application

Objective 3: Understand the power of Oracle advanced analytics

Audience: Mid-Level