Session ID: 460


Oracle Database In-Memory promises an incredible performance boost for analytic queries. But how do you determine if you have an analytic workload that will benefit from Database In-Memory? This presentation will review what Database In-Memory is and how it works, and then we will talk about what types of workload will benefit from Database In-Memory. We will also examine what aspects of a SQL query benefit from Database In-Memory and provide some guidelines for use with commercial applications and applications where you cannot change the code. Lastly we will take a look at some actual SQL Monitor reports to demonstrate where Database In-Memory provides benefit and show how a time-based approach can be used to help quantify the benefit of Database In-Memory.


Objective 1: The attendee will learn what types of database queries will benefit from Database In-Memory and which won't.

Objective 2: The attendee will learn how to determine if Database In-Memory will improve a query's performance.

Objective 3: The attendee will learn what an analytic query is and why Database In-Memory improves them without having to change any SQL code.

Audience: In-Depth