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Stumped by how to implement least privileges model for your database and reduce your cyberattack surface?  You know it's something you're supposed to do, but how do you know which privileges and roles are needed by all your users and applications?  Too many roles and privileges make it easy for hackers to use a single compromised account to steal data or even damage your database.  Oracle created Privilege Analysis to help you with least privileges analysis and Privilege Analysis is now available with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition!  This dynamic run-time tool collects data over time and tells you exactly which privileges and roles were used and not used.  Learn how to use this invaluable tool!

Objective 1: Learn the risks posed by over-privileged accounts

Objective 2: Learn how Privilege Analysis can help reduce your cyberattack surface

Objective 3: Learn how to use Privilege Analysis

Audience: In-Depth