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Oracle RAC family of solutions include the familar Oracle RAC Database, ASM, Clusterware, Application Continuity, Autonomous Health Framework etc. This presentation will provide internals of how these solutions work together to provide the best availability and scalability that is used to power Oracle Cloud offerings like Autonomous Datawarehouse Service and Autonomous Transaction Processing services.

We will cover internals of many of these features which will be useful to DBAs and Application Developers to differentiate themselves from the crowd. 

This was one of the top 10 sessions in Oracle Open World 2018

Objective 1: Attendees for this session will be able to
1.) Learn the internals of these technologies and the available knobs for further customization in your environment.
2.) Implement the best best practices for availability, Failover and scalability &lt

Objective 2: This session can be used by both beginners and experienced DBAs as Availability, Scalability skills are very important in todays workplace. Regardless of deployment in the cloud or private data center, these skills will be important addition

Audience: Mid-Level