DBA 101: Multitenant for beginners

10:30 AM–11:30 AM Apr 10, 2019

CC 2ND FL 206A


Session ID: 199


In this session attendees will learn multitenant architecture basics like

Create multitenant database || Basic difference between traditional database and multitenant ||Shared memory and resources ||Connecting PDBs and changing environment ||Concept of common users/roles ||Backup and recovery in multitenant

Attendees will learn  key multitenant features ***like

 Hot clone || Refreshable clones and switchover || Relocate || Snapshot Carousel || Dynamic Lockdown Profiles || CDB Fleet Management || Application Containers || SGA/PGA control

*** Will include 19c new features if permitted.


Objective 1: Attendees will understand key architectural difference between 11g and 12c onward

Objective 2: Attendees will learn day to day basic database operations in multitenant environment

Objective 3: Attendees will learn key new features introduces in 18c/19c

Audience: Introductory