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It's no joke: The IT industry is undergoing a maelstrom of change - ever-increasing data volumes, horrendous security incursions, the promise / threat of Cloud-based computing, and a gradual loss of its most talented people through age-based attrition. What's needed more than ever is a revival of professionalism within our ranks, and it's time for us to rise up as a community to strive towards that goal. Seriously - if you are just doing your IT job and are perfectly satisfied with your status in our industry, please don't come to this presentation.

Objective 1: The attendee will gain an appreciation for the art of mentoring and being mentored in one of the most difficult careers of modern time: the IT professional.

Objective 2: The attendee will discover how to transform herself into a quintessential professional by following the lessons of other busy, qualified experts in their respected fields: surgeons and airline pilots.

Audience: Introductory