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The 2019 edition of "YOUR machine and MY database - a performing relationship!?" is intended to be an information for Oracle DBAs, DB developers and system administrators who want to learn more about how today's databases, modern operating systems, hypervisors and current hardware works together. 
Databases affect machines, machines affect databases. Optimizing one is pointless without knowing the other. System administrators and database administrators will not necessarily have the same opinion - often because they know little about the opposite's needs.
This lecture was made to promote understanding - showing how the database can stress the server, and how the server can limit the database. And why two admins sometimes simply won't speak the same language, not even with a developer as an interpreter.

Objective 1: Recall the different needs of different technical layers underneath a database system.

Objective 2: Understand the technical collaboration of hardware, operating system and database.

Objective 3: Plot ways how to avoid collisions, competition and concurrency.

Audience: Mid-Level