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Reducing work done by the database is key to improving performance in Oracle-intensive applications. The Server Result Cache allows applications to virtually eliminate work done when processing repeated queries. For applications dealing with growing data sets, this ability can be very beneficial. The presentation will begin by focusing on SQL Query Result Cache and PL/SQL Function Result Cache and its use cases. Next, will be how to configure, implement and monitor the Result Cache. And finally, I'll discuss the pitfalls to watch out for when using the Result Cache. The presentation will include live SQL*Plus demos.

Objective 1: Learner will be able to describe the SQL Result Cache and PL/SQL Result Cache and appropriate use cases for both.

Objective 2: Learner will be able to configure a database and an application to use the SQL Result Cache and PL/SQL Result Cache.

Objective 3: Learner will be able to monitor the state of the Result Cache.

Audience: In-Depth