Session ID: 111960

Abstract: Organizations across the world are rapidly embarking on the path of adopting Next-Generation technologies such as Digital; Enterprise Mobility; IoT; AI & RPA; leveraging Cloud-based Infrastructure. The speed of change is so dramatic that companies are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace; and enable their businesses with the advantages of these technologies. Many of the CIOs using JD Edwards ERP for their businesses are grappling with the challenge of minimizing their 'Run' Cost; and use the available finances to fund the much needed 'Digital Transformation.'LTI's ready-to-use; plug -&-play MOD (Modernize; Optimize; Digitize) framework leverages AI platform and RPA; and supports modern philosophy of Extreme Automation. This framework helps JD Edwards customers derive considerable value by minimizing the support cost; and at the same time enabling digitization of business with the help of Next-Generation technologies.

Objective 1: The primary objective of the session is to discuss LTI's Operate to Transform' approach to modernize the ERP landscape; and optimize 'Run' cost across 4 dimensions operations; landscape; business process KPIs & end user personas.

Objective 2: With Digital Transformation becoming a core theme globally; LTI's innovative approach presents multiple opportunities to CxOs to help maximize their business value through solutions integrated with JDE such as Digital supply chain; Mobility and autoi