Session ID: 11430

Abstract: Discoverer reports are still used by a good number of Oracle E-Business suite companies, mainly because finding a fast, effective, affordable replacement has been a challenge. Even though Oracle has ended support for Discoverer, many companies are willing to take the risk, betting that Discoverer will continue to function. But what if you have critical production or close reports that your team relies on? Enter a new tool, Blitz Report. This tool can be downloaded for free and can import and execute your discover reports. The free tool can be used for up to 30 reports, for unlimited users, in unlimited environments. Our presentation includes a live demonstration of how to import not only Discoverer reports, but also BI Publisher reports. A free copy of the software provided to every attendee.

Objective 1: Demonstrate how to import and execute both Discoverer and BI Publisher reports in Blitz

Objective 2: Engage users to understand & participate in the agile development process

Objective 3: Provide insight on how to manage report libraries to avoid duplication and stale report buildup

Objective 4: Show how a single tool can be used successfully by Functional, Development and DBA teams

Objective 5: To provide a free copy of the tool to all attendees