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Abstract: Chatbots are one of the first widespread uses of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. As chatbots have evolved in enterprise use; so has the emergence of Digital Assistants that are multi-skilled; proactive; AI driven; and engaging. In this hands-on lab; you will get your hands dirty with this new technology that is set to transform the way we interact with enterprise applications. You will first 'educate' your Digital Assistant with a rich set of available application skills from Oracle; without writing a single line of code. You will then develop and train a new skill defining intents; utterances; and entities. You will then design the conversation flow; connect the skill to a back-end API; and enhance it with Q&A functionality. Lastly; you will add the new skill to the Digital Assistant; and publish it to a chat client all in under two hours!Please Note: You must bring your own laptop to participate in this Hands-On Lab. Free Oracle Cloud Trial Account

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