Session ID: 111580

Abstract: As interest rates rise; companies are increasingly willing to offer a discount to be paid faster. In 2018; the average Accounts Payable department left $3 million to $5 million on the table for every $1 billion in PO spend. In 2019; that bottom-line savings is projected to increase four-fold. Automation is the key to pursuing these opportunities because it enables AP to prioritize invoices and more efficiently process payments. That efficiency also enables AP professionals to identify and mitigate compliance risks at a time when regulators' fines and penalties are increasing significantly. Join this session to learn why AP automation should be your next technology investment to maximize savings for your organization. Thought leaders from the Institute for Finance and Management and Hyland will discuss hard dollar ROI; as well as integration capabilities with your existing Oracle system; that will turn your CFO and CTO alike into AP automation's biggest fans.

Objective 1: Attendees will learn how to build the business case for automating AP; as well as: How automation improves the capture of early pay discountsHow automation reduces the risk of penalties and fines

Objective 2: How automation extends the value of your existing Oracle ERP investment