Session ID: 111600

Abstract: 'When the only tool you own is a hammer; the whole world becomes a nail' maintenance management is complex. A typical WO process can include work requests; planning; scheduling; ordering of materials; coordinating of vendors; downtime for operations; execution; review; and closure. Asset Management Solutions; through the Oracle Validated Integration program; has evolved the JD Edwards CAM WO processes by giving you more software tools that are purpose-built for the various phases of your work management process. This Vendor Awareness product demonstration will show you what your maintenance process can look like when your tools align with your processes and workforce.

Objective 1: Provide an overview of the AMS WO Lifecycle Suite; a collection of EnterpriseOne applications which provide enhanced usability and functionality for the many stages of the WO Lifecycle: request and approve; planning; scheduling; execution; and review

Objective 2: Demonstrate improvements to the Procurement process including flexible approval routing; Contract Services Procurement; and receipts for Contractor Services including Time; Materials; and Equipment.

Objective 3: Demonstrate enhanced options for searching for Maintenance Parts and Supplies (including extended descriptions & part Specifications) and evaluating materials availability and generating Pick Tickets.