Paths for Moving to the Cloud

3:15 PM–4:15 PM Apr 8, 2019

GH 4TH FL Crockett D


Session ID: 11402

Abstract: There's been a lot of focus on how to migrate existing workloads and data centers to the cloud, but if you only think about current work, you're missing a huge opportunity. There are significant advantages to putting your new work in the cloud, but only if you can make it work with your existing on-prem environment. Get a good cross-section of how to provision, test and launch in the cloud, as well as ways to integrate with your existing applications and data.

Objective 1: More then one path to move to the cloud

Objective 2: Customer experience to migrating to the cloud

Objective 3: Experience over the last 4 years with the cloud.

Audience: -All-