Session ID: 111540

Abstract: Just like that; the year 2020 is around the corner. Before we get there; we are bringing the unique 'TED Talk' style to COLLABORATE19. Through three concise talks; this super session will cover emerging cloud trends; top 3 considerations for your cloud strategy; as well as a real-life case study.From practical tips on cost; security and modern ERP capabilities to a discussion on the future; where your interaction with ERP will involve less typing and more voice commands. We'll cover AI and the imminent implications for the Oracle community as far as machine learning; IoT; and what the future of ERP holds.

Objective 1: Learn how the cloud is 'taking over'. Gain 3 practical; strategic tips.

Objective 2: Discover emerging trends related to cloud; ERP; artificial intelligence and more. This info will be presented by a major ERP selection firm as they share what they're seeing in the tech marketplace.

Objective 3: Hear a real-life case study of a business running JD Edwards that is now making the move to ERP Cloud.