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Abstract: As a result of higher customer expectations, ever-changing regulations and quickly evolving needs, businesses today must find the right balance between technology and operational requirements. Leaning too far one way or the other can lead to many problems. Blindly choosing technology as an answer to underlying operational inefficiencies, not fully understanding the impact to a major technology change, or simply not evolving fast enough are major dilemmas many companies face today more so than ever. For the past decade, Inyxa, an Oracle SCM Partner and Global Supply Chain Solutions company, has focused on striking the right balance between business needs and IT to solve some of Oracle customer's biggest challenges and complex requirements. The goal for today is to help you learn more about Inyxa and what makes our solutions and partnerships successful. We will share insights about Inyxa, share our stories, and discuss our vision for the future. Whether or not we are the right partner for you, we want you to be aware of the possibilities you can achieve when business and IT can work together.

Objective 1: Help audience learn more about Inyxa

Objective 2: Share success stories

Objective 3: Discuss future vision

Objective 4: Q &A to solving complex supply chain challenges

Audience: Application Administrator