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Abstract: We all want to enhance our influence...but what if we are sabotaging our influence without even knowing it? You may not be as influential as you think you are! Most of us believe if we know our topic or if we feel good we must be good. Influence Redefined will give you the opportunity to take a closer look at what's really going rather than what you believe to be true. How you communicate verbally and non-verbally determines whether or not others see you as credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Without doing this effectively, you inhibit your potential to reach a goal of: influencing, increasing profits and building a reputation you're proud of Monday to Monday. Join speaker, author and coach for Fortune 500 leaders Stacey Hanke as she explores what it takes to be influential Monday to Monday. How to build a consistent brand and how to make sure you have the skills to influence others to take action.

Objective 1: Why we are confusing how influential we feel with how influential we actually are.

Objective 2: How to’s for building a consistent brand Monday to Monday®.

Objective 3: A proven, step-by-step method for creating influence that moves people to action long after an interaction is over.

Objective 4: See yourself as others see you. Are you as good-or bad as you think you are when you communicate with influence?

Objective 5: Communicate with brevity; build trust to be heard - Project confidence and credibility to increase your impact.

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