Session ID: 11390

Abstract: 95 percent of CIOs expect cybersecurity threats to increase and impact their organizations making security a priority. Traditional vendor patching is considered by many to be dated, ineffective and incomplete & often published late and slow to be applied, potentially leaving you vulnerable. Plus, you need to diligently upgrade to receive new Oracle patches. This session will spotlight low-hanging fruit in a modern defense-in-depth approach leveraging advanced security solutions for immediate Zero-Day protection.

Objective 1: Review the top challenges facing Oracle customers around security

Objective 2: Discuss the challenges and limitations of traditional vendor patching

Objective 3: Outline new, modern security strategies for zero-day protection and compare with traditional vendor patching

Objective 4: Provide real-world case study examples of Oracle customers who have deployed multi-layered security strategies

Objective 5: Deliver tangible next steps attendees can take to improve their multi-layered security strategy

Audience: -All-