PaaS Extension Reporting Made Easy

12:45 PM–1:45 PM Apr 10, 2019

GH 3RD FL Bonham E


Session ID: 111330

Abstract: Do you need to build a complete custom module in cloud SaaS but don't want to store your transactional data in PaaS because you need to report on it from within SaaS? Functionality gaps in cloud SaaS can be closed using a PaaS extension; however; the data that you use in your PaaS extension may be stored outside of SaaS; making it difficult to create reports that combine data stored in PaaS with your master data in SaaS. In this session see an innovative approach to accelerate your PaaS extension development; performance; and reporting development cycles.

Objective 1: Understand the benefits PaaS can bring to extend SaaS

Objective 2: Learn about PaaS for reporting and getting reports faster

Objective 3: How can your organization leverage PaaS