Session ID: 110760

Abstract: To maintain the tightest control over costs; reduce accounting errors and ensure accounting processes run as smoothly as possible; it is no longer enough to have accurate real-time financial information solely within the walls of the finance department. Modern finance teams need to share up-to-date accounting information with non-financial managers; too. For example enabling cost center managers to breakdown and analyze departmental expenditure or guiding an account manager through their customer's payment history ahead of a review meeting. In this session; we'll show you how insight software helps you transform the way you deliver financial information to non-finance managers in your organization; so everyone has access to the information they need to answer daily and one-off question for themselves.

Objective 1: Learn how to bring your JD Edwards finance and operational data to life in a clear format that non-experts can readily understand; digest and act upon

Objective 2: Discover how insightsoftware helps you provide a consistent; trusted source of finance information that supports strategic decision making across your organization

Objective 3: See how you can ensure that everyone always has visibility into their key metrics; wherever they are even if they are offline.