Session ID: 111240

Abstract: In an Era of Information Agility and Process Automation AtomIQ's framework empowers your business with decision trees that automate repetitive tasks and initiate critical business events in real-time; with clock-like precision [all of this with No-Code and just a few clicks using AtomIQ; to the delight of citizen developers]!AtomIQ eliminates complex; redundant steps performed by human users and streamlines them thereby cutting costs and saving time; which is better invested elsewhere. You can have disparate systems talk to each other and go about their daily tasks without having to wait for human intervention.

Objective 1: Learn to automate business processes to take out complex & redundant steps and streamline them for simplicity; cost reduction and time savings.

Objective 2: Introduce and demo Circular Edge's new automation and notification product.

Objective 3: Learn business use cases for automation