Session ID: 104900

Abstract: CTB Inc.; a leading global designer; manufacturer and marketer of agricultural systems and solutions is now prepared for the dreaded IT Audit on JD Edwards Security. IT security audits have always been painful; at best. We ask ourselves which SoD will be the target this time? Did we miss a level of risk even the auditors didn't think of last time? Did we audit and review frequently enough? This presentation is a look at CTB's journey to overcoming a lack of resources; a lack of knowledge related to true security risks and taking advantage of a cloud based solution that solved all of these problems. This presentation will share their accomplishments in just six short months. Share how CTB was able to reduce JDE security setup and maintenance by implementing and monitoring the 'rules'.

Objective 1: To identify the main obstacles to a successful JDE security audit at CTB and the areas that continued to remain a problem in each audit.

Objective 2: To share the baseline analysis at implementation of Q Software's QCloud solution that identified more risk than we realized existed. Share how we used the tool to improve security setup and reduce risk.

Objective 3: Share our new policy for auditing; reviewing and approving JD Edwards security setup in a timely manner.