Session ID: 301


Visualizing Air Traffic Data with the FAA's Satellite-based Surveillance System, the Oracle IoT Cloud,  a Cardboard Pizza Box, a Raspberry PI, and APEX.  Track weather and assets in the field without spending a ton of money?  We connect a raspberry PI to the FAA's network and utilize a radio based interface to track business aircraft & visualize the data.  The Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) is a precise satellite-based system that broadcasts real-time weather & uses GPS technology to determine any aircraft's location, airspeed, other data, and relays that data to air traffic control, aircraft, and to us because we are listening! We log, store this data with Oracle IoT, then visualize it in DV Desktop and manage via APEX.


Objective 1: Prepare for a future that integrates many technologies

Objective 2: Use Raspberry Pi, Apex, and IOT together

Objective 3: Integrate with other data sources and Oracle

Audience: Mid-Level