Session ID: 437


Applications developed using APEX, ADF, MAF, JET, MAX, VBCS, Java, JavaScript, or any other development framework can benefit from using the development approach known as "Thick Database" (ThickDB or SmartDB). Thick Database uses the power of Oracle PL/SQL and SQL to centralize business logic in database code.
This session reviews the principles of and guidelines for using this approach and explains why it results in reduced cloud database costs, simplification of user interface code, more efficient and secure applications, and better use of development team members.

The session also explains the code components of this approach: table APIs, views with INSTEAD OF triggers, and business rules procedures. The presentation explains a number of methods for generating starting code and shows examples of the generated code. It also discusses variations on the approach and when you might want to use a scaled-down or even scaled-up version of the core approach.

Objective 1: Understand the benefits, general principles, and guidelines for applying the thick database approach to any cloud or non-cloud application.

Objective 2: Know the database code components required for implementing business rules using the thick database approach.

Objective 3: Be able to create better-performing applications that save cloud costs, create simpler user interfaces, and require less maintenance during technology changes.

Audience: Mid-Level