Session ID: 100690

Abstract: The new resources of JD Edwards Orchestrator avaliable in the 9.2 JD Edwards version; open a large possbilities to working with integration of machines; devices; systems; databases and etc. Now it is possible build JD Edwards Services through the Orchestrator; there are many tools to help us in all needs we have in our business environment. In the past we worked only with conection of machines and devices; today we can build services for integration between systems; databases; online exchange data; the limit is our creative capacity. Inside the Orchestrator there are the correct tool to attend your business requirements; simplifying the process; easy to use; cheaper; faster and self monitoring. 3rd party system; mobile devices; external databases; other Oracle products; machines; wherever they are; independs what your needs is; JD Edwards Orchestrator is your techological solution to connect and interact with all of them. Orchestrator; The new ERA of system services.

Objective 1: To explore all JD Edwards 9.2 version potential has; through the new technology adoption improve and attend the business requirements. The Toolbox Kit simplify the integration method between systems; leaving cheapest the process.

Objective 2: Line up with the techonology trend; most of case its possible to do a new system integration through the orchestration method with an analist; no developers anymore. To combine these orchestrations with other JD Edwards resources; Alerts and others.

Objective 3: To create a new standard of system integration and JD Edwards Services; this method provide to IT teams easy management; modern and does not matter the system or their needs; the orchestration is the way for all of them. It is a faster adoption.